Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Antonio Gramsci for Malaysian intellectuals

Reader of this blog Catherine from LSE has asked me to use my platform to interest Malaysian intellectuals and academics in the works of Italian political thinker Antonio Gramsci (1891-1931).

As I was myself a fervent reader of Antonio Gramsci's Selections from the Prison Notebooks while I was in Monash University in the mid-1980s, I certainly share Catherine's interest and passion for Gramsci's critical observations and analyses of the strategies of the ruling elites to establish and perpetuate their ideological hegemony over the civil society. As I surfed through Amazon yesterday, I found that there are now many new works that continue to explore Gramsci's insights in new light and fields, such as media studies, political science and international relations.

In fact, my new copy of Antonio Gramsci's Selections from the Prison Notebooks (New York, International Publishers, 2005) which I ordered from Amazon arrived two weeks ago. My old second-hand copy which I bought in Melbourne in 1985 just disappeared without a trace two or three years ago. I guess someone has borrowed it and forgotten to return to me.

There is a website in the United States that provides FREE(!) articles written by Gramsci at:

In fact, a search in the website of the London School of Economics and Political Science has returned quite a number of also FREE(!) academic papers exploring Antonio Gramsci's concepts.