Friday, January 27, 2006

Dr. Wan Azizah's Chinese New Year Greetings

On behalf of KeADILan, I wish all Chinese Malaysians as well as Chinese friends of Malaysia over the entire region and the world a very prosperous and happy New Year. The multi-religious celebration of CNY by the Chinese people of all faiths, including Muslims, shows that the Chinese culture is indeed tolerant and inclusive and that it is possible for diversity to thrive in unity.

This principle and concept of diversity in unity can also be extended to the national context of Malaysia which is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society by nature. Indeed, in the civil society, Malaysians of all ethnic and religious community have been sharing the joy of Chinese New Year for a long time. However the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect must also be extended into the political sphere.

Despite four decades of sharing a common nationhood, the ruling political elite remains deeply racially divided. Lately many events reflect a lack of political will by the governing parties to resolve or even discuss problems truthfully in a gracious and conducive atmosphere.

Unfortunately mistrust and discord among the elite undermine the process of creating a harmonious and united Malaysian nation.

Chinese New Year is the celebration of Spring and the ending of Winter. The changing season symbolizes the resolve to abandon what is bad and welcome what is good. It is this admirable progressive outlook that has enabled us to overcome many difficulties, trials and tribulations in life. The celebration of Chinese New Year also reaffirms the primacy of justice and integrity. Meanwhile the responsibility of eradicating corruption and vices is equally imperative.

Taking the spirit of traditional annual family reunion dinners held on the eve of the New Year, it is time for Malaysians of all ethnic origins to renew pledge to come closer together when facing great challenges. To overcome the hardship ahead, especially in the present context of a very competitive global economy, we must have the courage to put aside prejudices and start building trust in our plural society.

In this time of global political, economic and social changes, family is indeed a crucial institution to provide social stability and checks against the decline of ethical values. Let me reiterate KeADILan’s habitual slogan, "we are all one family" and wish all people in our big Malaysian family a joyful and blessed holiday festival.

Once again, Xin Nian Jin Bu and Wan Xi Ru Yi.

Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah
President, Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR)