Saturday, January 07, 2006

Drop Noh Omar in next Cabinet reshuffle !

Two top editors of MCA's China Press have, under the pressure of the Internal Security Ministry, lost their jobs over the Squatgate scandal.

I think the Deputy Minister for Internal Security Noh Omar should also be dropped in the next Cabinet reshuffle for making far more irresponsible and damaging public statement to show that PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi does not subtly practise pilih kasih on grounds of race, religion or partisan affiliation.

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must also show that he does not discriminate against journalists in favour of ruling politicians like Noh Omar.

MCA should also call and work for for the removal of Noh Omar from the government to show that it has backbones and that its relations with Umno in the National Front and Government is not an emperor-eunuch type.