Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ralph Miliband's classic on Marxism & politics

A friend who is a lecturer in a local university recently asked me what is the best introductory book on the political theory of Karl Marx's school of thought. I did not hesitate to answer that it is Ralph Miliband's Marxism And Politics (London, Merlin, 2004).

It is not a new publication because it was first published in 1977 but it is considered classic and still relevant enough to be republished in 2004 in London. My copy of the 2004 edition of Marxism And Politics was bought in Singapore's Border Bookshop at Orchard Road last September.

The author Ralph Miliband (1924-1994) was associated with the London School of Economic and Political Science for a long time. As a scholarly interpreter of the political texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Gramsci, Luxemburg and Trostsky, Miliband was non-sectarian. Two sons of his were once elected to the British Parliament on Labour's ticket.

As for the basic and original texts referred to in Miliband's book, there is now a free archive located in the United States. The archive is also multi-lingual.

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