Monday, February 20, 2006

Another proxy war in progress ?

Loose-mouth ZAM, who is popularly identified with former PM Dr. Mahathir Mohammad's agitprop machinery, has reportedly struck back at long-winded Kalimullah, who is seen as a dedicated scribe for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, by calling Kalimullah's criticism of him in the New Straits Times, "rubbish".

At this stage, I think 7 in 10 mainstream journalists I have met and talked to are sympathetic to Kalimullah but, of couse, the alignment may change as they listen to more from both sides of the presentations. Unlike my blogging sifu Jeff Ooi, I myself is at the moment pro-Kalimullah and anti-ZAM but, like all others, I may change my position if more contrarian infomation and arguments come to light.

Zam: I won’t entertain rubbish

Zam, you are not 'editor of the Malaysian media'



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