Friday, February 03, 2006

The road to schools, 1969-1981

This is the portion of Clare Street which I used to travel to my primary and secondary schools, Sam Tet, from 1969 to 1981.

After I walked or cycled out from my house, the first 'strategic chokepoint' I had to pass through was Ah Xiang's Hor Hee Fish Ball Mee Stall. So, Ah Xiang had been a witness of my growth from a skinny 7-year old primary school boy in 1969 to a more well-built 19-year old First Class Scout and Senior Prefect of the secondary school in 1981.

Of course, when I started going out with female friends (mostly from the Girl Guides circles) after Form 3, we used another road to avoid being sighted by Ah Xiang (back facing photo) who might report to my father.

Besides Ah Xiang's Hor Hee Fish Ball Mee Stall, some of my favorite Indian Mee Rebus & Goreng stalls are still around in the row of shops nearby, although they are now managed by younger generations.