Monday, February 06, 2006

Straightforward Teng now operates his blog

My very good friend, former comrade, DAP's Selangor State Assembly Representative and lawyer Teng Chang Khim has started to operate his personal blog Straightforward.

I think the name he has chosen for his blog reflects his character and personality very well because since I first knew him in 1990, he has always been straightforward even to friends. We may disagree passionately on some issues but we enjoy exchanging ideas with each other. In Australian slang, Teng is, to me, a fair dinkum buddy.

His Bahasa Malaysia and legal knowledge is certainly much better than mine because he worked as a court interpreter before but I think he accepts that my political science and general knowledge of the world is superior to him.

We are both anti-feudal and very argumentative for productive and larger purposes. We share the joy of laughing, over teh halia kurang, kurang, kurang manis at mamak stalls at seemingly powerful people with high sense of insecurity and petty minds - and their stupidities. Normally, we also do not write or issue press statements on the Eve and the first two days of the traditional Chinese New Year because we always have better things to do.



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