Friday, February 03, 2006

Work as purpose, discipline of life ...

On the Third Day, I went out to Ipoh's New Town and tried to look for as many old working class neighbours as possible along Clare Street to personally convey my family's festive greetings to them. I saw the grandmotherly Ah Xiang still working to prepare cooking materials for her Hor Hee Fish Ball Mee Stall which has been in business, on the same and exact location at No.26, Clare Street, for, at least, the past 70 years.

According to Ah Xiang, the Hor Hee Fish Ball Mee Stall Stall was started by her father before " the War". Hor Hee is a kind of fish-ball noodle prepared with unique recipes and ingredients by a sub-clan of the Hakkas based in Malim Nawar, a suburb of Kampar.

Asked why she still worked during Chinese New Year holidays, she replied that work is her purpose in life that disciplines the body and mind. She added: "Ah On, I think your father was right: work is not only for money but also as part of bodily and mentally healthy lifestyle ... "

Really, I don't know how many people in my generation or below agree with Ah Xiang and my father.


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