Saturday, March 25, 2006

Exploring Operation Buy-Love ...

What do Zam and Matthias Chang now have to say about Dr.Mahathir's Operation Buy-Love (OBL) in the Headquaters of Global Zionist-Anglo-American Conspiracy (HQGAAZC) ?

How does Dr.Mahathir's Operation Buy-Love fit in the grand strategy of overthrowing the Zionist-Anglo-American Secret Empire through a worldwide and simultanenous uprising of Muslims, Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Africans and Latin Americans? What was the link between HQGAAZC and Operation KOKS-929?

The 'get Anwar' campaign, Part 1

The ‘get Anwar’ campaign, Part 2

Despite 911, Dr M & co fail to ‘turn over’ the US


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