Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How much are the Howard experts paid ?

According to PM Abdullah, experts from the prestigious Harvard university in the US have been appointed to help the government improve its delivery system. (for full story, subscribe to malaysiakini).

Can the PM tell us more about their individual and personal backgrounds (names, for example), credentials and working experiences ? How much are they paid by the government? What are the criteria and time-frame set by the government to measure their success or failure? Are they no Malaysians or experts of other universities who can do the job?

Do they know Bahasa Malaysia to read government documents and forms and interview civil servants for the conduct of their studies?

Don't tell us all these simple and basic facts are covered, or to be covered, under the Official Secret Act (OSA).

We have not forgotten the MAS's Mat Salleh 'expert' who was paid some RM7,000 a day but still failed to make the national carrier profitable. Please ask Najib to count how many bungkus nasi lemak can be bought with RM7,000 a day.

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