Monday, March 13, 2006

Malay Left in the struggle for Independence

Dear Xi Li,

Thank you for your email which asks me what is my progress of reading Dr. Mohamed Salleh Lamry's Gerakan Kiri Melayu Dalam Perjuangan Kemerdekaan (Bangi, Penerbit UKM, 2006) .

I have finished reading it for the second time with great attention to details and reflected deeply on it. I have also written a review for malaysiakini.

It is indeed a great book you must not only read but also buy to keep as a reference because it, like Pak Said Zahari's Dalam Ribuan Mimpi Gelisah (Kuala Lumpur, Utusan, 2006), helps us to understand many aspects of the hidden history of our land and people in the long and winding anti-colonial and anti-fascist struggle for true independence.

I think this book will also help to make us more multi-ethnic and less ethnically exclusivist in outlook. I really hope it will be translated into Chinese and English.


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