Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nation cheers Najib for fuel price speech

but I overheard one (only one, be assured) illiterate anti-national fanatic this morning instigating the people by asking these questions aloud in the wet market nearby:

Why are there only two choices as falsely presented by Najib ( "Which is better? Raising it three times or only once?") ? Why can't there be the third real choice: no rise at all?

Why can't the government cut other spendings like frantic and spendthrift ARMS & WEAPONS PURCHASES , parasitic or verminous consumptions by economically unproductive ruling elites like PUTRAJAYA and other flight-of-fancy structures of similar nature, to remain financial sound and prudent without affecting the ordinary people?

Isn't the BN government becoming more and more IMF-in-Indonesia-like in its economic policies?

Have Najib and his fellow ruling elites changed and adjusted their "lifestyle"?

Govt orders four Airbus military transport planes

Gov't considering buying RM3.8 bil of weapons with gold reserves

Spanish firm says M'sia may order Airbus military planes

Malaysian ‘conduit’ bypasses EU arms controls

China arms deal halfway there

Gov't allocates more money for arms purchase

Decision soon on US fighter jet purchase: Najib

French company wins avionics contract for fighter jets

Gov't inks RM286mil helicopter deal with Agusta

Gov't to buy shoulder-launched missiles despite US security concerns

M'sia gets space ride, palm oil deal along with Russian jets

Rolls-Royce seeks naval engine deal with M'sia: report

War and terror send Asian defence spending soaring: Mahathir

M'sia denies arms race with S'pore

Call off arms race, says Mahathir

Putin eyes more Asian markets after Malaysia arms deal

Putin expected to sign fighter jet deal with M'sia

Gov't keen on anti-aircraft defences from Ukraine

M'sia eyes missile technology from Brazil, Bosnia

Defence Ministry buys new fleet of aircraft

Air force to buy 18 Russian fighter jets in RM3.4 bn deal

M’sia to pay for Polish assault tanks with cash and goods: Najib

M'sia eyes Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets

Gov't buys RM1.2 billion air defence missiles

Najib: Malaysia hopes to buy US fighter jets by year-end

Gov't to buy 48 tanks from Poland

Gov't plans palm oil-for-arms deals

Arms race feared as M'sia joins exclusive submarine club

Malaysia seals RM3.7 bln maiden deal to buy French submarines

M'sia inks RM1.4 billion missile deals, wants subs

Malaysia kicks off arms shopping spree with RM304 mil contracts

Malaysia to buy Polish tanks in RM950 mil deal: Mahathir

Prime Minister to visit Poland for arms talks

M'sia buys Russian missiles, offered new US fighter jets

Russia to export anti-tank missile systems to Malaysia

G'ovt may revive plans to buy Russian fighter jets


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