Monday, March 20, 2006

Troublemaker from Northeast

Earlier this year, an American scholar I met in Kuala Lumpur told me about his observation that Taiwan's ruling party DPP is more like a single-issue NGO of anti-China activists than a mature mainstream political party with more issues, agendum, and considerations to manage.

After reading and watching Chen Shui-bian personally participating in anti-China street demonstration in Taipei two days ago, I cannot agree more with my young American friend. From a Malaysian and Southeast Asian perspective, I think the wild and infantile political behaviour of Chen Shui-bian as well as his ideological patrons and supporters is dangerous to the security and stability of the Asia-Pacific region, through spill-over effect, when and if it is reciprocated or mirror-imaged, or emulate or imitated by politicians in the far larger, stronger, more resourceful and more populous Mainland.

But then, a more self-confident and self-efficacious Beijing may now see this kind of childish behaviour in Taipei as a sign of Chen's weakness, not strength. Many mature people in Taiwan, especially the Opposition, certainly disagree with Chen on his reckless or even adventurist manner in conducting cross-strait relations.

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