Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why doesn't Najib consider emigrating ?

Umno's English-language mouthpiece New Straits Times today quoted DPM and Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak as saying that " in other countries" where fuel prices are not controlled, people do not blame their governments as they have accepted automatic price adjustments according to the world market.

Excuse my ignorance: I don't know what "other countries" Najib admires so much nowadays but if he really thinks there are countries where the people are less questioning and critical, less conscious of their own economic interest and human rights and easier to rule like in the 19-century British Malaya, then why doesn't he consider emigrating?

There, he would probably not have to publicly advertise - out of the blue- that he loves slippers just like Mahatma Ghandi and Ho Chi Minh. There, probably the people are not that discerning of elites' lifestyles.

Otherwise, he would only forever feel like a frustrated Governor of the Straits Settlements trapped in a sea of irrational mob of the Orient infested with dangerously modern ideas that threatened Imperial defence and security of the Realm.


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