Monday, April 24, 2006

Derivative questions for moral reasoning ...

In a previous entry, I posed three simple questions for moral reasoning. One of the three is as follows:

1. If you hear a drug addict telling his young son not to smoke at all and to lead a healthy life, would you condemn him for being a 'hypocrite', or praise him as a 'good father' ?

From this principal questions, we can actually derive some other points for further moral reasoning:

a. What made the man to become a drug addict in the first place?

b. Would you say drug abuse is good just because a drug addict tells his young son drug addiction is bad and you think this is 'hypocrisy'?

c. Would you say a drug-free lifestyle is bad just because the drug addict tells his son it (drug- free lifestyle) is good?

d. Has the drug addict not other positive features or characteristics like skillfulness in playing piano or painting, or love for his parents?


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