Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MCA's pom-pom 'girls' cheer 9MP in unison

Boys and girls, have you read in today's mainstream newspapers that 'Chinese business community support 9MP', 'Chinese guilds and associations support 9MP' and 'Chinese groups voice support for plan', etc?

I am sure you all have grown up enough to ask the questions: what is new? what is the news?

Indeed, if one is a regular reader of the Chinese-language newspapers, surely one knows these are all the usual BN-linked kaki, front organisations and cells. It's just like one Ong Ka Teng operating different blogs using dfferent names, pseudonyms or aliases. But then, the fact the Umno mouthpiece New Straits Times has also to carry the 'news' most probably shows that its masters are worried whether there are sufficient Malay, Indian and ordinary Chinese support for the plan.


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