Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A moral dilemma for Umno-controlled media

Will Anwar Ibrahim's statement in support of Pak Lah's cancellation of the "crooked" or "scenic" bridge and his pphotograph appear in the New Straits Times and other Umno-controlled media tomorrow? Have the spin doctors and professional character-assassins for all seasons and regimes overcome their psychological blockage after Anwar Ibrahim was smeared by some of them for six years in 1998-2004 as the epitome of all 'evils' from 'sodomist' to 'CIA agent' to ' traitor to the nation'?

This source of support for the right thing Pak Lah has done is worth 5,000 times more than that has been given by the usual and traditional 'pom-pom girls'. But publication would also further dilute the useful value of the otherwise useless 'pom-pom girls' who are always jealously guarding their monopoloy of 'love' for Pak Lah or whoever in power. So, let's wait and see-lah.

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