Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Real public has not seen Chin Peng film yet

( New Edition with Amir Muhammad's Written Response to the U-turn Ban) According to Deputy Home Affairs Minister Tan Chai Ho, film director Amir Muhammad's semi-musical documentary Lelaki Komunis 'Terakhir' has been banned after the initial approval because that is what "the public" wants.

What "public"? The public has not seen or watched the movie yet. How can people know a film or, for that matter, a book or other publication is good or bad before seeing its content and discuss it rationally? After all, it had already been approved by Government's Film Censorship Board earlier before the U-turn ban.

While I have not seen it yet, I know for sure that Chin Peng himself is not featured or does not appear in the film personally, and no interview with the octogerarian is shown in the film because my friends in Singapore and Hong Kong have seen it. It was also screened in Berlin in February.

Why is Lelaki Komunis 'Terakhir' banned in Malaysia?

Malay-languge daily "kills 'Last' Communist"

Public wants movie banned: Chai Ho

The 'Last' Communist banned

The 'Last' Communist to hit big screen after all

Moving with the times

Lelaki Komunis 'Terakhir' in cinemas this May


Blogger The Malaysian. said...

My reaction exactly! What public is the deputy home minister talking about? I have since put this question in the form of a post at my blog. Please do view.
Film Censorship - An Anachronistic Tool

1:10 AM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

Great men always think alike:)

Sifu Jeff Ooi seems to also think like us simultaneously and independently today. He has updated his blog with this theme.

It was the same with the "crooked" or "scenic" bridge controversy. Both the construction and cancellation were claimed to be a reflection of "people's view". There has never been any opinion poll shown to us to back up the claim.

I think those propagandists who use to hallucianate about "the Prople", etc should go for check up in Tanjung Rambutan or Tampoi before their brains are overloaded with false and imaginary images of "the people", "the crowds", "firestorm of protest" and what not. They will get mad (seeing non-existent things or people) one day as many double- or triple agents with too many covers and legends in WWII in Europe did.

They may one day start really thinking that they are Parameswara or Hang Tuah walking in Petaling Streets ... God save Malaysia.

1:43 AM  
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