Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rounding up reactions to Chin Peng film ban

My friend Fathis Aris Omar has performed a remarkable public service in collecting in his blog Patah Balek many news reports and commentaries, both local and global, on the U-ban ban of Amir Muhammad's semi-musical documentary Lelaki Komunis 'Terakhir'. So, learn the lesson: next time if you want to promote and market in the most cost-effective way home-made soap manufactured in, say, makcik-makcik's cottage industry in Kampung Lubuk Kawah near Temerloh, Pahang, package it as Sabun Cap Chin Peng with a Chin Peng's picture as the logo and you will get free advertisement and serious attention even in London's Daily Telegraph and Chinese-language BBC World News which is read by millions of readers (potential consumers of soap) worldwide.

Of course, when you have succeeded in your business in making your made-in-Lubuk Kawah soap a brand name like Christian Dior (it's a type of prefume which has nothing to do with Chritianity) in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong, don't forget to thank Zainuddin Maidin, Berita Harian, Umno Youth, Professor Khoo Kay Kim and their "public" for their kind and very charitable assistance. It's our culture as Asians or Muslims to be grateful to someone who have helped us :)

Komunis 'Terakhir'


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