Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time-tested faith is invulnerable to calumny

Just finished sembang-sembang over the telephone with my sister Rachael on the Da Vinci Code film controversy.

Without much difficulty, we agree with each other that the controversial film should not be banned by any governments and mature Christians must not demand any governments to ban it, although it should be classified as being not suitable for children.

Rachael told me that she has even watched the fictional movie to laugh at the concoctions and distortions with contempt.

She said, the core beliefs of the Church has survived the persecution of Pagan Rome, barbarian invasion, internal schisms and many other challenges, including its own mistakes and errors, over the last 2000 years. There is no fear that the wild imagination of the writer and director of Da Vinci Code could undermine the time-tested and timeless message of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Again, I agree.

This was what I wrote in this blog on 12 February 2006 in response to a Muslim friend's question at the height of the worldwide controversy over the Danish cartoons:

Dear Mo,

Let me answer your question now.

What if my God is " insulted " ? My answer is clear and unapologetic: I believe my God is so self-confident, great and perfect that He cannot be insulted by any mortal human beings as well as His other creatures on earth even if they intend to do so and I trust He is so powerful and wise that, even if He really feels insulted, He alone knows best how - and when and where - to deal with those who insult Him. Moreover, I believe He is also merciful and forgiving enough not to punish any real (according to His own judgement which mortal human beings may not fully comprehend) offenders who have already said sorry.


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