Friday, May 05, 2006

Will Zam also desert Dr. Mahathir Mohamad ?

Finally, DPM and Defence Minister Njib Tun Razak has deserted his ex-patron Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and come out with a written statement in support of PM Abdullah's decision to scrap the "scenic" or "crooked" bridge.

Many silent observers of Umno politics are now watching Information Minister Zanuiddin Maidin's next move.

Zam is popularly known, rightly or wrongly, as as spokesman for Dr. Mahathir and his camp, especially over the issue of the editorial and political direction of the New Straits Times. Zam has, for example, publicly insinuated that the Umno's English-language mouthpiece as being "pro-Singapore" and also inclined to propagating the idea of Lee Kuan Yew's "Malaysian Malaysia".

Will Zam also desert ex-PM Dr. Mahathir just like Najib has done? Will the Information Minister also issue a written statement in support of PM Abdullah's decision on the bridge and effectively kowtow to New Straits Times' Kalimullah as the true taiko? If he does, how will he justify his personal U-turn? If he does not, how long will he be accomodated by PM Abdullah in his Cabinet?


Blogger The Malaysian. said...

A very good question. In a way he has painted himself into a corner by echoing Dr. Mahathir over the years. It becomes exceedingly difficult now to extricate from that position. My guess is that he will, unless coerced to come out openly, keep quiet and hope that the whole brouhaha blows over.

4:45 AM  
Blogger malekz said...

In a typical UMNO fashion, don't expect Zam to come to the rescue of Dr M. I am not surprised if he goes on to hit Dr M harder than the rest (to show the world how loyal he is to Pak Lah). My observations from 1987 have shown that loyalty to leaders among UMNO is only superficial - as long as the leader holds power, it is beneficial materially to support him. The only exception I have seen so far was when Kamaruddin Jaafar left UMNO after Anwar was sacked.

The biggest Dr M's loyalist within the present cabinet is of course Menteri Pembangunan Luar Bandar, the MP for Shah Alam. It will be interesting to see his reaction.

11:45 PM  

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