Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How Dr. M can teach Pak Lah to answer Q's

(Updated Edition) So, there are now 39 questions awaiting Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's answers in Malaysia as well as across the Causeway. These are hard questions but if and when Tun takes the bull by the horns and answer them publicly, there are obvious benefits:

1. By answering or attempting to answer the 39 questions, Tun can show that he is a more responsive leader and more articulate public debater than PM Abdullah or even many Singaporean leaders;

2. By answering or attempting to answer, Tun can teach PM Abdullah by personal role modelling how to answer and respond to questions, which is an essential skill of leadership in a modern democracy;

3. After answering or attempting to answer the 39 questions, Tun would gain even higher moral ground to (a) demand PM Abdullah to answer his questions, (b) put up a list of his own questions for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew to answer, including those related to Singapore's laws and their implementations.

In the process, Tun may even be thanked and credited by many Singaporeans for being their Al Gore.

I have absolute confidence in Tun's intellectual capacity to answer the 22 questions. Tun must have the self-confidence himself. Otherwise, Tun would lose his moral high ground in demanding answers from PM Abdullah.

By the way, do you (Malaysians and Singaporeans) have any questions for Tun and his supporters to pose it publicly to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (like why do you seem to enjoy suing opposition leaders for libel and defamation until they bankrupt? or Why did you arrest Christian activists in 1987 alleging them to be 'neo-Marxists'? or What is so wrong if one is truly and peacefully a neo-Marxist?) ?

22 questions for Dr M crosses the Causeway

Dr M, here are 17 more


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