Monday, July 03, 2006

Is Khalil Yaacob the mediator or not ?

According to today's news report, Zam has denied that Khalil Yaacob is the mediator in the Abdullah-Mahathir row. However, according to one of the stuanch supporters of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, namely former editor-in-chief of the New Straits Times Kadir Jasin, Khalil had met Dr. Mahathir on Saturday for more than an hour in his house at Mines Resort, Sungai Besi and Khalil was told that as long as PM Abdullah does not answer his questions, he would not change his stands on the issues he has raised publicly.

So, if Khalil is not the mediator as reportedly claimed by Zam today, why did Dr. Mahathir meet Khalil and why did Khalil go to see Dr. Mahathir over the matter? Is Zam telling an untruth or Kadir Jasin spreading unfounded rumour about an non-existent meeting on Saturday between Khalil and Dr. Mahathir?

Zam: Khalil is not the mediator

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin


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