Sunday, July 09, 2006

Read Karen Armstrong's interviews online

Reading world-famous books and magazines banned or said to be banned in my own "half-past-six" country has been a very thrilling challenge for me since the age of 11 in 1973 when I first curi-curi perused a simplified Chinese-language edition of Soviet literature How The Steel Was Tempered (《钢铁是怎样炼成的》) originally written by Nikolai Ostrovsky, in the school's washrooms or Ipoh Old Town's Zhong San Cinema's kaki lima or in the St.Michael graveyard which is just beside my school Sam Tet. Two or three years later, I had already finished reading an edition of Mao's Quotations under similar conditions. In Australia, I, of course, read whatever publications deemed 'sensitive' in Malaysia. After coming back to Malaysia in early 1987, I also read a Bahasa Malaysia edition of the Bible or Al Kitab - Berita Baik Untuk Manusia Moden, which uses the words Tuhan and Allah (Allah simply means God in Arabic and is used by Arab Christians for hundreds of years) interchangeably, published in the same year by The Bible Society of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

A few years ago, I perused Karen Armstrong's A History Of God, although I have not read her other books like The Battle For God. For those who cannot find any more Karen Armstrong's books in the shops, I suggest that you travel to Singapore or Thailand to read them there or Google "Interviews of Karen Armstrong" to read some of her ideas with which you may or may not agree.

Karen Armstrong, Turn, Turn, Turn

Bill Movers' interview with Karen Armstrong

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