Monday, July 03, 2006

Spin doctor fails to market even himself :)

Last Friday evening, I had already cast serious doubts on Zainuddin Maidin's 'reconciliation plan' in the following entry: 'Information' Minister Zam reportedly suggested a person 'dear to Mahathir and respected by Abdullah' to act as a mediator but without identifying the person. Could the mediator suggested be actually Zam himself ?

A more interesting question is: if that person who is 'dear to Mahathir and respected by Abdullah' could be found, Umno might as well put him as the new President to start afresh forgetting both Mahathir and Abdullah. Another interesting question is why has not Zam found DPM Najib to be the ideal mediator? Is Najib not 'dear to Mahathir' or 'respected by Abdullah'?

Could it be that Zam, being caught in a personal dilemma of not wanting to be publicly seen as ungrateful to old master Tun Dr. Mahathir on one hand and wanting to preserve current self-interest as Abdullah's minister on the other, merely try to avoid taking side by berpura-pura to be a 'non-partisan' peace-keeper for the moment ?

The truth may be that Zam is now neither trusted by Abdullah's camp nor respected by old comrades on the side of Tun at the time when he publicizes or advertizes himself as someone important who is also loved by all.

Now, it seems quite clear that there are people in Umno who share some of my independent observations. Well, I have been studying Zam's pattern of behaviour and psychological conditions as well as his political habitat for the last six years. My tentative conclusion is that Zam suffers from an OVER-INFLATED SENSE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE.

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