Monday, September 18, 2006

Alternative history of Merdeka for children

Malaya/Malaysia's first Inspector General of Police (IGP) who served from 1958 to 1966 was a London-born Tan Sri Sir Claude Fenner. In his memoirs, Chin Peng remembers Fenner as a prewar colonial cop in Negeri Sembilan who fled to India after the British defeat. Fenner came back to Malaya only at the very late stage of the CPM-led war of resistance.

Rashid Maidin was born in Perak's Kampung Gunung Mesah near Gopeng. When Fenner was a kakitangan kerajaan in Negeri Sembilan on bumi Malaya before the Japanese occupation , Rashid struggled to make ends meet. He stayed in the Kinta Valley throughout the Occupation and helped the Resistance. After Fenner and his blokes came back, Rashid was detained without trial.

After the outbreak of the anti-colonial war in June 1948, Rashid and his like-minded friends like Chin Peng, Shan Ruhong, Abdullah C.D., Eng Ming Ching, Abu Samah and Siti Norkiah were branded as 'bandits' and 'terrorists'. S.A. Ganapathy, P.Veerasenam, Jacko Thambo, Abdul Adnan and William Kuok were martyred. Rashid eventually died and was buried on 1 September 2006 in southern Thailand.

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