Saturday, September 09, 2006

Demonisation of V.I. Lenin by Bush countered

Originally, the US-led war in Afghanistan was code-named Infinite Justice which is offensive not only to Muslims but also moderate Christians and Jews because it has been their tradition to conceptualise that only God, not any mortal and lesser beings on earth like President Bush could deliver or administer 'infinite justice'. Recently, President Bush compared Osama bin Laden to not only Hitler but also the great V.I. Lenin.

Bush's mentally chaotic Osama-Lenin comparison has again drawn flak, including a passionate but very intelligent rebuttal from columnist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writing in a Russian newspaper. May I add that some 20 million of Lenin's people and Red Army sacrificed their lives in the heroic resistance to fascism and liberation of Europe from Hitler's subjugation and enslavement.

It was V.I. Lenin and his like-minded contemporaries like Tan Malaka, Mas Alimin, Ho Chi Minh, Manabendra Nath Bhattacharya @ M.N.Roy and Henk Sneevliet @ Maring who first ( in the early 1920s) qualitatively transformed the situation of many pockets of often reactionary, parochial and xenophobic resistance mounted by aristocrats and peasants against European colonialism in Asia and Africa into a global wave of the modern, internationalist and progressive struggles for national self-determination and liberation.


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