Saturday, September 16, 2006

Exploring other sides of Merdeka history ...

On Thursday night, I (right) spoke at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on the alternative history of Merdeka to a multiethnic audience of about 70. On the same panel with me were veteran social scientist and well-known Malay-language writer Rustam A. Sani (left), PAS's think-tank chief Dr. Dzulkifri Ahmad (second from left) and DAP's Ronnie Liu (second from right).

The public forum, organised by NGO Youth For Change (Y4C), was inspired by a Malay-language commentary written by my kawan lama Dr. Dzulkifri recently in Harakah Online calling for recognition for hitherto non-official Merdeka struggles and fighters, including the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) as well as Chin Peng and his comrades such as Rashid Maidin, in official history.

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