Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rashid Maidin's indestructible spirit honoured

A memorial message published in a Chinese-language newspaper today reads to the effect: Comrade Rashid Maidin's "indestructible spirit lives on forever unbent" (永垂不朽). The four-character classical expression of yong-chui-bu-xiu, which originates from the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China (722 BC - 481 BC), is very strictly reserved to only honour the memory of martyrs, heroes and heroines.


Blogger malekz said...

There goes one of our true fighters for KEMERDEKAAN who didn't give a damn about the Brits.

Someday people will realise their contribution and their heroic fight against colonialism - and maybe they be given the right place in our history books.


3:38 PM  

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