Sunday, September 24, 2006

SEA' s largest Reclining Buddha is in Kelantan

The largest statue of Reclining Buddha is Southeast Asia is located and preserved not in Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese-predominated Singapore but Nik Aziz's Malay-majority Kelantan. Tok Guru Nik Aziz is, of course, a top leader of the multiethnic Islamic opposition party PAS. Under Tok Guru's rule, Chinese-language primary and secondary schools are treated fairly by the state government in terms of grants, including land grants.

Tok Guru, a man who leads a simple lifestyle unimaginable to Umno leaders and whose personal integrity is of high order, also makes it a point to attend to grace Chinese New Year or Wesak Day gatherings with the noble objective of promoting inter-ethnic harmony and mutual respect between followers of different faiths.

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Blogger malekz said...

Yes, it is true. It is located on the way to Pengkalan Kubur though you can go there via Pasir Mas road too. But credit should be given to the Thais community there for maintaining the statue. There are a few other big statues at Tumpat and near Geting before Pengkalan Kubur. I used to visit the reclining Buddha a few times when I used to go back to Kelantan for cuti ..... however, I haven't gone back these past five years.

But a huge reclining Buddha is not a symbol of racial harmony. In my opinion, the Thais (the Malays and the Thais) are more harmonious - the Malays might have rebelled there but where in the world can you find a Muslim appointed as army chief in a country dominated by Buddhists. Or just look historically at the number of Muslims that have been appointed to important positions (including Interior and Foreign Ministries).

4:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

he longest reclining buddha that I know of is 70m long
how long is the one in singapore?

10:31 PM  

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