Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Elderly Ma Family's Restaurant in Guangzhou

After I had finished shopping at the Guangzhou Books Selling Center on 14 October, I had my lunch in the nearby Muslim restaurant which sells halal beef noodles cooked with spicy soup.

Needless to say, Elderly Ma Family's Restaurant does not allow customers to bring into its compound any alcoholic drink or haram food but still there are many customers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike (including Communists), patronising the restaurant.

According to Xiao Ma (the youth who wears a white cap in the picture above) who operates as the cashier-cum-waiter, many tourists and businessmen from the Middle East and Indonesia also like to patronise his family's restaurant. Ma is a common Chinese-character surname of many Muslims in China and Islam or Hui Jiao is also known as The Religion of Clarity and Truth or Qing Zhen Jiao in the Chinese language used in China.

China Radio International (CRI) in Malay

China Radio International (CRI) in Indonesian

China Radio International (CRI) in Arabic


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