Thursday, October 19, 2006

My post- graduate students in SYS University

In the afternoon of 9 October, I led a tutorial discussion on a paper States, Firms, and Diplomacy written by a well-known British political economist, the late Professor Susan Strange (1923-1998) (left) with a class of Sun Yat-Sen University's postgraduate students of International Relations (IR). Differences of perspectives and viewpoints were frankly aired and critically discoursed.

I myself, for example, do not quite agree with some of the 'neo-liberal triumphalist' points made by Strange in her 1992 paper. Also participating in the tutorial was Associate Professor Dr. Zhang Zuxing (second from right, front row above) of the university's School of Politics and Public Administration. He visited UKM before.

The students in their twenties later took me to a Sichuan restaurant outside the campus and on the bank of the Pearl River. We had an enjoyable dinner and another round-table exchange of ideas.


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