Thursday, October 26, 2006

New China positions for next transformation

In my visits to book markets in Guangzhou City and Shenzhen, I observed that younger generations in China are very keen to learn foreign languages, especially English. In China, children are taught English as a subject itself beginning from primary schools and there is now a serious plan being undertaken to utilise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide quality and children-friendly online English-language education to adik-adik in rural areas.

Books on overseas travelling and other countries' geography, history, climate, culture and other features also seemed to sell very well. Knowledge of information and communication technology and the use of computers and mobile telephones are widespread on the ground.

These social trends, I believe, provide the launching pad or groundwork for the next stage of China's economic transformation and also signal a great generational shift in China's social, economic and political structures at all levels. Time and tide wait for no man.

Passion of reading among youths in Shenzhen

A mammoth, crowded hyper-market of books


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