Friday, October 16, 2009

Only one (1) issue in Chin Peng's homecoming

There is only ONE (1) pertinent consideration on the question of Chin Peng's homecoming : whether the government has or has not fulfilled all its obligations in the Peace Accord solemnly and publicly concluded on papers between the Government of Malaysia and Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) in Haadyai in Thailand on 2 December, 1989. Period.

Three-day rendezvous in Bangkok memorable


Blogger Unknown said...

1. The existence of the 1989 Peace Accord, publicly and officially signed, is not in dispute;

2. It follows that what happened BEFORE the signing of the Peace Treaty or what did Mr. Ong did or did not do BEFORE 2 December 1998,should not divert our attention to the fact that he has the right under the 1989 Peace Accord to return to his homeland.

3. Breaching a treaty, which is contractual in nature, usually bears consequences and unintended consequences;

4. A breach of the treaty on the part of one party could, for example, be legitimately reciprocated by the other party.

5. Thank you.

2:40 AM  
Blogger rc said...

it is a test of whether the BN government is trustworthy: if it can blatantly breach an treaty with impunity, what else it can't do to others ?

10:42 PM  

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