Monday, October 16, 2006

Pollution and other problems in Guangzhou

Despite the amazing or even awesome rate of economic development and social transformation which have changed the material lives of millions of people for the better, New China is certainly still not a problem-free paradise on earth as portrayed by its overzealous well-wishers. Air pollution, other forms of enviromental degradation, traffic jam and the rise of crime rate (including snatch theives on motorbikes) are undeniably in existence.

However, these problems are now openly and honestly acknowledged, discussed and debated, and it is also being seriously handled by the authorities. I wish to thank my Chinese friends who extended invitation for this foreigner from Malaysia* to share some critical observations of two-cent worth. Many agree with me that Singapore has been doing very well in managing and overcoming these problems and it is an example to be learned and a model to be emulated.

* The topmost picture above was taken on 9 October, 2006 with the famous and legendary Pearl River as the background. The city center of Guangzhou is located north of the river bank.


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