Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reading malaysiakini in Guangzhou City

I am now in a super-size and 24-hour cybercafe or wang ba (with at least 300 sets of computer systems for surfing, playing games and other purposes) near the West Gate of the Institute of Overseas Chinese Studies of Jinan University along Guangyuan Highway in Guangzhou City.

There is no problem at all in accessing to Malaysian websites, including malaysiakini in Malay, Chinese and English, the Chinese-language Merdeka Review and RPK's Malaysia Today as well as Suara KeADILan and Harakah Daily.

There is also no registration of customers' personal identity: just pay 10 yuan (about RM5) at the counter manned by a Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking girl of school-going age, terus masuk without question and use the computers.

The absolute majority of the customers are youths in their 20s and 30s. Like their peers in Malaysia, Singapore and probably all parts of the world, young customers of cybercafe are fascinated by electronic games and entertainment programmes in the cyberspace.

By the way, Malaysia and Guangzhou share the same time zone and this entry is uploaded in the cybercafe.

China Radio International (CRI) Online

p/s To be frank, Guangzhou City has also been very hazy because of industrial pollution caused by socially irresponsible owners and managers of factories as well as the increasing number of private vehicles and public transports. Air pollution and traffic jam are Siamese Twins in many newly industrialised or industrialising countries with rare and notable exceptions like Singapore.


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