Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Imam Wang of Guangzhou's Huaisheng Mosque

When I visited the 1,300-year old Great Mosque of Guangzhou or the Huaisheng Mosque last month with my friend Xiao Yang, I also wanted to meet, greet and talk to its imam but he was not there at that time. Yesterday, from the homepage of the Bahasa Melayu edition of the China Radio International (CRI), I finally saw how Imam Wang Wenjie (above) looks like. There are now 20 million Muslims of different ethnic backgrounds, 30,000 mosques as well as thousands of halal restaurants and grocery shops in multi-cultural New China.

Islam, Muslims and Arabic language in China

Visiting ancient Great Mosque of Guangzhou

Elderly Ma Family's Restaurant in Guangzhou

Muslims and Muslim food in Guangzhou City