Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Showing strength or exposing own weakness?

Under the tremendous pressure of public opinion, Umno Youth chief and Minister for 'Education' Hishamuddin Hussein now apologetically (and sophistically) says that wielding and kissing the keris is a cultural symbol of the Malays. Why did he not wave and kiss a book like Sejarah Melayu (there are both English and Chinese editions) ? Isn't a classic book a greater cultural symbol than a keris ?

Above all, does the 'Education' Minister and Umno Youth Chief mean that the Malay community has only one - and no other - cultural symbol and type of cold weaponry to be displayed to Malaysia and the world? It leads to the larger question of whether Umno Youth and its setengah masak chief represent or misrepresent the Malays culturally to the non-Malays of the world, including Mongolians and Yahudi.

Surely, threatening in broad daylight to raze the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall or any other public buildings to the ground is not any culture at all. It is symptomatic of psychological disorders of a bunch of bodoh-sombong rogues who are as 'cultured' as those kurang-ajar MCA samseng who threw chairs and mineral water bottles at each other in their own party assembly a few years ago.

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