Sunday, December 31, 2006

The execution of Saddam Hussein is certainly very controversial with the Holy See denouncing it as "tragic". The most regretable aspect of it, in my opinion, is the decision of the Iraqi government to videotape Saddam Hussein's final moments before the execution as well as his dead body and also release the footage to the media for public display. These pictures, besides being very uncivilised, are passion-inflaming on a worldwide scale and counterproductive to the cause of reconciliation and peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saddam's responsibility for horrific crimes against the Iraqi people is well documented by many parties, independent of whatever the US government has said or done. All I would say is May God have Mercy on his soul.

On the morality of capital punishment, I suspect good people will still be debating this after everyone alive today is long gone. There are those who believe that there can be no justification for any state legal system to order the taking of a life. There are others who think that there are crimes so horrible that to impose any lesser form of punishment e.g. life imprisonment would amount to an injustice against the victims of the crime.

Me ? I don't know. I guess the process needs to be fair and seen to be as fair as possible. And that is where there is legitimate concern whether Saddam's guilty verdict came through fair process, or it was simply a bottom line direction from Washington.

Wishing everyone a Happy but sombre New Year.

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