Friday, December 01, 2006

Penetrating into Umno propagandists' minds

A Singapore-based English-language radio journalist just called and interviewed me on my analysis of the next political move of ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim. One of the questions was, in essence, how would Umno prevent Anwar from coming back into active politics. My effective answer is : Umno would continue to smear him in the mainstream Malay-language media as a "traitor" (like what Khairy did in the Umno GA) and simultaneously deny him the access to the domestic English-language mainstream media, especially the pseudo-liberal New Straits Times which may publish one or two pieces of short news or interviews of some "harmless" opposition MPs and NGO activists to showcase its post-Mahathir "liberalism".

Anwar Ibrahim 3.0

People's Justice Party

Dr. Kua Kia Soong on Remedies for race-based politics

By the way, I am glad to know that my old friend Fuziah Salleh now also operates her blog at


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