Friday, December 15, 2006

Progresses in post-1998 Republic of Indonesia

Despite it being a rather irritating sources of almost annual haze and potential security threat of extremism as well as some negative historical images in Malaysia and Singapore, the post-1998 Republic of Indonesia seems to have also made some significant economic, political and social progresses. In 2005, Republic of Indonesia overtook Malaysia in FDI inflow, and it has also abolished the legal distinction and socio-economic discrimination between pribumi and non-pribumi. The previously banned Chinese-language has now entered into an era of renaissance. Its relations with regional countries have also improved and it is on the track of democratization with accelerated pace. Intellectual freedom in the most populous Muslim nation in the world is testified by the fact that even Karen Armstrong's A History of God and Battle for God, which are banned in Malaysia, have their Indonesian editions, Sejarah Tuhan and Berperang Demi Tuhan which are publicly discussed.

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