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Are all the policies of the government really okay and it is only the 'delivery system' or implementation that is faulty? Or, could both policies and their 'delivery system' or implementation be equally and simultaneously objectionable? Some of my critical ideas are articulated in Poor policy delivery: A case of passing the buck published in malaysiakini (please subscribe) on 6 Jan (Sat).


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Hi James,
Government policies which divide people by race for different treatment are steadily destroying the nation's fibre.
The same applies with policies imposing the values and mores of one religion across everybody else.

To be fair, there are other government policies which are good, or at least sound good. But the policies either never get implemented, or are implemented badly. As they say, the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

The elected government is accountable for both the policies and its execution. AAB simply cannot evade responsibility by blaming the bureaucracy for problems in implementation.

The Chief Secretary, the Secretary-Generals to the various Ministries, the various departmental Director Generals are responsible for managing the execution of their portfolios. All serve at the pleasure of the elected government, if any one of them is incapable of managing his area, they can and should be removed.

A lot of ordinary folks deal with the government on everyday issues which are mainly non-political - they just need the civil servants to do the administrative work efficiently.

Like any large organisation, the Civil Service will stray off the line if there is lack of leadership, vision and no culture for excellence right from the top.

By the way, the racial policy also hurts the Civil Service. Many talented Malaysians simply stay away from government jobs because they don't think they will get fair treatment and recognition.

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