Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear James,

I was very impressed with your presentation of your 'brotherly love of indian neighbors,' also, very much impressed about your frank and forthright views on Indian Culture.

I am glad I noticed your page with google search. Hope to have a meaningful conversation on any intellectual topic and or topics you choose. If you like Chinese Culture, a great one, so does yours truly, if I am allowed to make a point. Chinese Culture is as ancient as a Peking Man, with the help of which, the historians established a trail of prehistoric migration and the routes they took, beginning from the Olduwai Gorge, deep in the jungles of Africa, where the first evidence of human, sorry, the scientific terminolgy is, homo-sapian, found. The celebrated and mystery ridden sojourn of the similar ancient evidence of human habitation came from the river vallies of China. The skeleton found and then mysteriously stolen or lost was referred to as "Peking Man."

We, Hindu Indians, are truly enamoured by your acceptance of our own Buddha, and his now famous, Buddhist philosophy and its simple yet egalitarian, democratic way of life. Thanks a bunch, brother.

Sid Harth



8:52 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

Thank you, Sid. I think besides the differeces of colour, religio/belief-system, language, culture and what not in what great Karl Marx conceptualised as the SUPER-STRUCTURE, there are similarities among all human beings.

Besides Buddhism, Chinese has also some aspects of Hinduism in their traditional culture like the respect for Hanuman (Monkey King) and Kwan Yin (Goddes of Mercy).

AS for the pre-history of China, I must confess I am an ignoramus. I am good at modern Chinese history (that part that streches from the Ming Dynasty to 1949).

5:01 PM  

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