Thursday, January 25, 2007

Neither shocked nor awed by ' Karpal Singh '

As I have said earlier, I have no time to ascertain whether this DAP press release was actually written by Karpal Singh. I said that because some senior editors in the Chinese-language media told me that they feel that the emotion behind the language of the statement belong to either Lim Guan Eng or Lim Kit Siang and that Karpal Singh has not been known to be a writer of long and tightly structured press statements on politics. However, what is more important for me is whether what the writer (even if he is my own father) of the statement has written is right or otherwise: should DAP leaders and members ignore what is widely perceived in the normal society to be an utter lack of procedural justice and Machiavellianism in the removal of Ong Chee Keng as the party's chairman in Selangor? Does the DAP of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng practise what it preaches?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi James,
Its unfortunate that the DAP regularly engages in self-destructive moves.
The country badly needs a credible opposition. These antics are not going to impress the voting public.

The DAP needs to practice more internal democracy of its own.

2:00 AM  
Blogger ck said...

They are continue to tell lies about Sdr Ong, i cant believe the content of the statement by karpal.

Sdr Ong has made it known that enough is enough & he will not response further to this nonsense & last night on TV8 8pm news, he reiterate that & ask the members to focus on reconciliation.

They have started the fire but now they want Sdr Ong to stoke the fire so that he can be blamed.

The Sootong is caught by their own doing & there is no way out. The Sootong should blame the eunuchs for not taking into account the minute details of their constitution.

The eunuchs call for an emergency meeting to sack Sdr Ong without giving prior notice & set the agenda for it. If they are more professional & have brain on their head & not their buttocks, the Sootong will not be caught in this dire situation.

Ong sheah, lu hee seng chi lang, tui hong see ye chi ban lang.

6:53 PM  

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