Thursday, March 22, 2007

Canada criticises PM Abe's sex slavery stance

Radio Netherlands reported on 19 March that Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende (pix) said he was shocked by the Japanese government statement that there is no evidence of its military forcing women to work as prostitutes in brothels during WWII. Imperial Japan's forces defeated the Dutch in Indonesia (then called Dutch East Indies) in the Pacific War.

Meanwhile, Canadian FM Peter MacKay has also reportedly added Canada's name to the list of countries that have criticized Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for denying that Japan forced foreign women into military brothels during the Second World War.

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Blogger Monsterball said...

I'm getting really confused by the various news on this issue.

I thought I read that the Japanese Premier had reiterated the 1993 apology by their government on the sex slaves issue. Then its reported that they are denying there is any evidence ?

I have no doubt that the military brothels were quite an extensive system. There were already stories circulating immediately after the war. Its just at the time the focus was on what seemed to be much more serious Japanese war crimes - their waging of aggresive war, the mistreatment of POWs, the killing of innocent civilians. So the issue of "comfort women" never made a big news, but its very wrong for Japan to take this as lack of evidence that it happened.

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