Sunday, April 22, 2007

New books on American IR in personal library

Just finished reading Joseph S. Nye, Jr.'s Soft Power - The Means to Success in World Politics (New York, Public Affairs, 2004) and Francis Fukuyama's After The Neocons - America at the Crossroads (London, Profile Books, 2007). I also bought Victor Davis Hanson's Between War and Peace - Lessons from Afghanstan to Iraq (New York, Random House, 2004) last Sunday to add to the stock of American books in my library.

Like it or otherwise, the intellectual debates in the United States on its relations to the rest of the world has been extraordinarily vigorous and heated since 11 September 2001 and there are naturally many areas of gray and shifting positions in the ongoing discourses as new information or knowledge come into light or as the power balances change, both within the United States and in the larger world.

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A real-life history about Bush's war cabinet

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