Monday, April 23, 2007

Praiseworthy civic spirit in American society

Although the recent shooting rampage in the Virginia Technology University has shocked and grieved many in the world, the tragedy also shows that the civic spirit of mutual help such as that which was demonstrated by the deeds of Professor Liviu Librescu and Assistant Professor Cheng Haiyan (程海燕)is very much alive in a society that has always been felt or perceived as 'individualistic' or 'self-centered'.

Washington Post's video interview with Cheng Haiyan

Traumatized, Virginia Tech students return to classes

Nationwide memorial services for US massacre victims


Blogger JamyTan said...

This is a misconception of foreigners about America : "is very much alive in a society that has always been felt or perceived as individualistic' or 'self-centered'."

There are 1.6million non-profit organization in US !

An average American town has less than 50k population and most towns are very community orientated.

Many parents are active members of the schools, communities and churches.

My church members brought me home-cook meals for 30days during my confinement period. Though they don't cook me the usual Chinese confinement food but they are awesome American home cook meals.

It is very sad that the America that a lot of foreigners know are from the images of Hollywood, CNN and left-wing medias.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I read 32 died before he shot himself. What are very sad sad time for those 32 relatives. Some were shown on TV news.
There was a real case in KL....that a young man died of car accident on the eve of departing for his medical studies in England. Two months later...the mother told her husband..a doctor that her dead son is calling her..she has to go and asked him to look after the two remaining living sons....then she died! I asked doctor friend died of what sickness...simply broken hearted and the will to die.
I hope and pray those 32 dead have relatives with more stronger heart to go on living and leave the dead to the dead.

11:03 AM  
Blogger JamyTan said...

I truly don't understand why the world mourn about 32dead but don't shed a tear for the number of abortions being carried out in the US ?

According to the statistics, everyday, we Americans kill 3,700 babies a day and 1.37million a year.

Check this site :
What is 32 compare with 1.37million ?

I come from a Buddhist family, we don't believe in killing. After my conversion to Christianity, I realized how sacred is a created being !!!

The forefather and the land were founded in "In God we trust" but now we believe in "In ourselves we trust".

Americans fought for its independent even their army are smaller than the Brits. There is only 1 sovereign, God, not the Queen.

But, American has lost its glory because they departed from their creator. God will judge America.

My American husband visited Malaysia and exclaimed that Malaysians are god-fearing people, religion is freely expressed but not in America, he said America is a godless society.

What do you expect from a godless society ? Bleak, empty and kaput.

A Christian Manifesto by Dr. Francis Schaeffer :

The Indian Apologetics - Ravi Zacharias respond on VT tragedy :

Life is beautiful because there is a creator !

As a woman, there is nothing more joyful than being pregnant and having baby. Generation of families remind us of God continuous goodness towards us.

As a conservative Chinese woman, I believe in 'wu hou we tai'. Family is important because it is where we pass on our values and many wonderful things of family.

May God raise up many godly man who will save America's family .

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