Thursday, April 19, 2007

VTU killer's psychology : an 'old-fashion' view

Today's BBC report on the final video sent by Cho Seung-hui to US TV network NBC News seems to bear out what I have said earlier in Lessons from Virginia Tech's campus carnage on the negative influences of certain elements of American popular culture on some infantile, malleable, unstable and disordered minds. My grandmother and father had already always cautioned my siblings and me long ago when we were very young against imitating the behaviours or actions of fantasied 'heroes' or imaginary 'heroines' in movies and films and story books as there were actually stupid boys and girls those days who jumped down from high-rise buildings after watching Superman or Spiderman or Tarzan and Jane movies, or disappeared into jungles in search of the 'Unbeatable Master of Universe' after reading some fantasied kungfu story books from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

A silent witness to history, changing times

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Blogger JamyTan said...

The downfall of America is that they have forgot God, the God that their founder fathers have believe, not some old fashion view !

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