Thursday, April 26, 2007

'Politically incorrect' critique of violent films

United Kingdom's conservative newspaper Daily Telegraph today published what I think is a morally courageous critique of violent films in this age 'liberal' political correctness. Earlier. it also published MP Sir Gerald Kaufman's Questions film-makers must ask themselves after Virginia Tech . My own assessment is that Cho Seung-hui as shown in his self-made 'multimedia manifesto' did consciously imitate or mimic the behaviours and actions of some 'heroic' characters in some violent movies or video games.

Economist reflects on politics of U.S. gun law

CPC organ criticises Chinese films' immorality


Blogger Monsterball said...

Violence is in-built into human society, whether or not people watch violent movies. Yes, I have concerns with the effect on children and mentally ill grown-ups of such movies. Children tend to imitate what they see on TV or movies, and if they watch a lot of violence there and don't get parental guidance on what is acceptable behaviour, there will be problems later.
There is also a long history of psychotic killers who admitted to being at least partly influenced by movies they watched.

Violent movies are going to be around a long time, and every society has its criminally insane people. The idiotic aspect of American society is how it simply refuses to control access to guns, especially semi-automatic weapons. Guns make it too easy to kill lots of people.
A psychotic killer who didn't have a gun may pick up a knife instead. He would have to get up close to a person to kill or injure him. Everyone else would have plenty of time to get away.

Their National Rifle Association's mantra is "guns don't kill people , people kill people". But it never registers in their mind that guns make it much easier to kill lots of people. Other than a bow and arrow (who carries those around these days?), there is no other weapon which can kill people at a distance.

7:56 PM  
Blogger James Wong Wing-On said...

yeah, i agree that violent movies are going to be around for a long time to come but we must also raise the popular awareness that (1) it can cause psychological harm to people, especially children and youths as well as infant-like adults and (2) responsible parenting include educating their children not to mimic actions or behaviours of fictional "heroes" and "heroines" in movies or video games

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