Thursday, May 03, 2007

My collection of observations on by-elections

" Progress in human affairs, whether in science or in history or in society, has come mainly through the bold readiness of human beings not to confine themselves to seeking piecemeal improvements in the way things are done, but to present fundamental challenges in the name of reason to the current way of doing things and to the avowed or hidden assumptions on which it rests." (British historian E.H. Carr., What is History ? London, Penguin, 1961, 1990)

So, for the Ijok by-election, I have written three analyses at different points of time, namely Ijok – not just another by-election, Ijok: More than meets the eye? and Is there life for the opposition after Ijok? In the earlier Batu Talam and Machap by-elections, I also recorded my observations in Dialectics of Batu Talam by-elections, DAP-PKR: The unspoken fear and Machap: DAP staring at defeat.
P/S : Mr. Parthiban certainly did the right thing by paying a visit to his father's graveyard to express his gratitute immediately after the declaration of victory. I am truly touched by that gesture and hope it would inspire our pemuda-pemudi and adik-adik of all races who come from poor families not to forget the sacrifices of our parents.
P/P/S : I am also glad to hear that my friend Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has vowed to lawan tetap lawan for a noble cause for all Malaysians.


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